GET SMALLSmall is Beautiful!

I have created this GET SMALL collection to provide a smaller and more affordable alternative to the larger Dye Sublimation offerings that I typically show.  I meet many people at shows who say they love my work, but either don’t have enough wall space for the larger pieces or can’t afford the pricing.  


In addition, I have always loved the idea of small art, whether 2-D or 3D. There is an intimacy created between small art works and the observer that I find satisfying and appealing.


The images I have selected for this collection have been cropped and reformatted to fit this square format.


GET SMALL  —  Specs:



White, 12 x” 12” wood frame.


6" x 6" image


Acrylic Glazing


White archival mat board and back board


Protective rubber bumpers on rear corners


Rear stainers screwed into frame


Ready to hang

$95 - Includes FREE shipping