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I love bird’s nests. I love all nests for that matter, but there is something special about bird’s nests. They are precious, ingenious and beautiful to behold.  Just the word, NEST,  conjures up all kinds of feelings and sentiments.  


Safety, comfort, home, refuge, peace.


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For the NEST project, I am photographing, in the studio, bird’s nests whose builders have chosen to include a significant or exceptional use of human made materials in the making, and I am taking it a step further. I will be collecting materials I think might appeal to the design sense of our resident birds and will share these materials with friends and acquaintances. In turn, my co-conspirators will distribute the selected items in areas around their homes, barns and stables where birds have been known to build their nests.  Let’s see if and how the birds choose to use our offerings!


So, this is a collaboration between us and birds.

Please contact me if you would like to be involved!!

Richard Speedy

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