Pricing Information.

Thank you for viewing my website and for considering a purchase of my work!

Unfortunately, most of my shows are postponed or cancelled for the foreseeable future due to our current, evolving circumstances.

This  creates a tenuous situation for all of us who make a living selling our work at the juried art festivals around the country and we are all doing what we need to do to weather the storm and make it to the other side. So, this makes your visit here to my website even more meaningful and I appreciate it!  


As you look around and consider different options, keep in mind that we are offering discounts on most of my limited edition photographs, and offering other incentives as well.


So give me a call or send an email and let’s discuss how we can get your favorite image(s) on the way to your office or home.


I will be happy to advise or help you in any way I can!



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