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Hummingbird Nest

Hummingbird Nest

Hummingbird nests are extraordinary  creations.  This nest is built with lichen, grasses, moss, feathers, bits of wool, soft plant fibers and leaves.  It is held together with grass, fine roots and spider silk.  It is tiny, as you can imagine.  The time from initial construction to the maturing birds leaving home is 5 - 8 weeks.




  • Printed with pigment inks on archival, cotton fiber, acid free Legacy platine paper.
  • Print is mounted under acrylic glazing. Backed by archival foam board.
  • Offered in white wood or black wood frame. 
  • Rear strainers and corner cushions.
  • Limited Editions of 200
  • Ready to hang!
12” X 12”  Black or White Frame  —   $275.00
16” x 16”   Black or White Frame  —   $375.00 


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