Bird’s nests, nests in general, are objects of creative and ingenious beauty.  Utility.  Hope.

Just the word, nest, conjures up all kinds of thoughts, visions, and apparitions.  Safety, sanctuary, comfort, refuge..…shelter from the storm.  And now, during these unforeseen times, our own nests have become more relevant, more essential to our daily lives.

After much testing, I decided to photograph these nests in a field of backlit white,  isolating them in a world of no distractions.  I hope you enjoy viewing these NEST images as much as I have enjoyed photographing them! 

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Nest Grouping (2).png
Horse Hair Grouping (2).png
Horse Hair-white.jpg

Horse Hair Nest 

A close friend has a farm and raises and trains a few horses.  She mentioned that she had some nests in the barns and stalls that I should see.  These nests are made almost exclusively of horse hair.  Grasses, twine and cotton wads are added to some.  I love how, floating in a sea of white, they resemble free-form pen and ink drawings.

Horse Hair-Black.jpg