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Well, things certainly have changed since my last message and show update. Juried art festivals, along with other events, are canceled until further notice. My Florida show season being cut short, I am headed back to home and studio in the Sourland Hills of Hopewell, NJ.

Picasso said “Without solitude no great work is possible”. Reflecting on those words, I have taken a detour to the coast of Georgia for some days of shooting and rumination. Time to dwell on beauty, shoot more images for my "Land Meets Sea” and “Skeletons” series and consider other visual ideas. I will share some of this with you as it clarifies in my mind and camera.  Going forward I will be keeping in touch, not with show updates, but with new work and new ways of making it available. My images will be reminders of what an amazing and beautiful world we live in. My sincere thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of my work. Stay tuned.  Be safe. Thanks,  Richard Speedy 

My Show Season is on hold, but if you have an interest in viewing and/or purchasing my work, please visit my website. 

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