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Hopewell Photographer Richard Speedy takes his latest Show Virtual

May 18, 2020

Photographer Richard Speedy is used to traveling across the country to showcase, in person, his latest photographic project, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic he has had to adapt his shows to a virtual gallery viewing.

His current show “Changing Tides” is entirely online, displaying the two-year photographic project through a virtual walk through of YJ Contemporary Fine Art’s Rhode Island gallery that contains Speedy’s coastal location photos on display.

Along with Speedy, art company Blazing Editions with sister Rhode Island company YJ Contemporary Art organized the virtual show of Changing Tides that opened on May 12.

The virtual walk through takes individuals through all of the Speedy’s work on display for Changing Tides. There includes a virtual 3D show, where people can control their experience through Changing Tides. In addition to the virtual tours people can click on each individual photo and information will appear explaining each shot.

According to Speedy, the information section for each photo gives a background on each of the photos about where he shot them and what was going on in his mind at the time of the photo was taken.

“All of us are trying to figure out what to do in these interesting and new times. A lot of things are being done in virtual ways and we decided to put together a virtual show,” Speedy said. “I wanted to focus on what I had been shooting for the last two years, which is a project of coastal photography from New England to Key West, Florida.”

The Hopewell (Sourland Mountains) photographer added that one of the coastal locations he enjoys shooting is Jekyll Island in Georgia.

“There are some very interesting aspects of the coast there due to shifting sands and changing tides and erosion, which has been occurring for some time. The location presents interesting photographic opportunities,” Speedy said.

Speedy will scout a particular location and possibly do a two or three day scout and return about two to three weeks later with a particular plan in mind for the specific location shoot.

“For instance, in that project I went to Jekyll Island one time to scout and I spent three days getting the lay of the land. I got up early to scout locations at sunrise and when I’m scouting I have a compass and I make notes about the location and whether it is a good sunset or sunrise shot,” Speedy said. “In that case I went back three weeks later to Jekyll Island and spent four or five days there shooting and getting to the location and hour before sunrise.”

He added that there is a lot of work that goes into each one of his location shoots and the whole of each photographic project he produces.

Speedy’s coastal locations for Changing Tides include Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island coast line, tip of the south fork of Long Island (Montauk Point), barrier islands off the southern coast and the Florida Keys.

“Sometimes I coordinate my photographic shooting with my show schedule. If not shooting, say I’m traveling to a show down in Delaware, I’ll maybe say what is there I can scout,” Speedy said. “I am always trying to combine the shooting and the show to make best use of my time.”

His photographic shots for the Changing Tides Show are to be taken down during the week of May 23.

“The virtual show of the gallery will still be available for viewing on my website and will be up forever,” Speedy said. “It is almost like actually being in the gallery. I hope people find peace and beauty in the photos that I have created. I hope people will contact me with questions and take a look at my work.”

For Speedy, the virtual galleries present a different forum for him to present his work without traveling to so many show in person.

“It was a wild thought to have a virtual gallery show and a bit of a gamble. At the time when we began discussing doing a virtual gallery I could not envision what it would actually be,” Speedy said. “I am happy with the product and can see myself doing more of these in the future.”

For information on the virtual Changing Tides show, visit and

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